Arroyo Grande High School Eagle Robotics

About the Team

We are a local high school robotics team competing in FIRST Robotics Challenge. Not only do we travel across California for multiple competitions each game season, but we also participate in local events to bring the exciting world of STEM to students across the Central Coast.

Eagle Robotics is part of the FRC (FIRST Robotics Challenge) organization. Beginning on the first Saturday of January, teams all across the world join together to watch the kickoff event where the season’s challenge is unveiled. Then, during the next six weeks, we divide into groups to prototype, build, weld, machine, wire, program, drive, break, repair, and finish our robots.

The First Robotics Challenge emphasizes teamwork and experience-based learning. So, under the watchful eye of our mentors, all of this work is done by high school team members. All of our fantastic mentors are volunteers who have significant experience in their field. Visit the Team Members page to see everyone on the team this season!

We are incredibly fortunate to have funding from the following ‘Platinum’ and ‘Gold’ sponsors, as well as donations from the remaining individuals and businesses on our Sponsors page. Without their help, this team would not be possible!

Eagle Robotics began in 2004 with the goal of bringing the excitement and challenges of FIRST robotics to the small community of Arroyo Grande on California’s Central Coast. Originally founded by Mr. Findley, an industrial technology teacher at Arroyo Grande High School, the team would go on that very first year to win the Curie Division at the FIRST World Championships, an unprecedented feat for a “rookie” team. After several more years of service, Mr. Findley would retire from the team and Mr. Helete of Arroyo Grande High’s IDEA Academy would take his place in a leadership role.